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An Amazing Tail

Since 2008, Primp My Pup has been providing professional and reliable services that pet owners can count on. With over decades of experience and training, I understand the expectations of all pet parents.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to ensuring every animal is safe & happy in every situation — providing real solutions to the most common problems pet owners face. Still, I'm always learning about new care techniques and pride myself on improving my skill set so that I can be the best Dog Groomer in Pitt County!


Mobile Grooming Services

Our Service provides your pet with a professional, safe, clean and friendly environment.

Small Breed Groom

Yorkshire Terrier, Shih-tzu, Toy Poodle, Maltese

Medium Breed Groom 

Cocker Spaniel, Cockapoo, Schnauzer, Australian Shepard

Large Breed Groom

We try to keep the weight limit to (NEW)Seventy-five(75 lbs or less. The biggest reason is the size and space we have to work with, makes safety an issue. The last thing we want to do is create an environment that puts your loved one at "any" type of risk!

The following are estimates only-Based on Breed, weight, condition of coat, temperament, and how long the groom takes!

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"Tell me a little more about you!"

Awesome! We are glad you found the best mobile pet groomer in Pitt County.  

 Thank you for your interest in Primp My Pup Mobile Grooming. We are committed to providing the best service and convenience in the industry. Please review our pricing and policy forms then select the button below to fill out our new customer form. We will contact you soon!

This is a request, NOT a booking.

Only RED (*) questions necessary!


Benefits to Mobile Grooming

Eliminates separation anxiety & physical stress for your dog

Personalized individual attention and expert care given to each dog

Special attention given to older dogs

No cage confinement

No Cage drying

No exposure to other animals

No Car sickness or dirty pets riding in your car

Services performed in a clean, climate controlled & safe environment

Eliminates inconvenient grooming shop drop-off and pick-up hassles

Same Groomer provided each visit to encourage bonding and trust with your dog!

Eliminates long stays at the grooming shop (our appointments last from 1-2 hours)

We have been having our dogs groomed by Michelle for quite a few years now, my dogs love her and we think she is awesome! Very good rates and always a good schedule

S. Fenton

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